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Egg Crate Grille

Product Overview

CVE Shop Egg-crate Grilles have an exceptionally high free area of 90% which is why Egg-crates are considered to be the industry standard grille for exhaust and air transfer applications. A high free area results in the ability to handle giant air volumes with minimal noise and pressure drop generation. The Egg-crate grille core is also not designed to withstand impacts or pressure of any kind, and so should not be used in any area these dangers may be inflicted, like sports halls or near floor level in walkways.

Egg-crate grilles with removable or hinged maintenance cores are usually made to order. Please call for information and pricing.

Egg-crate grille with hinged core and integral washable filter panel now available from stock in the following size:

595mm x 595mm (T-Bar Tile Replacement) Part No. CVRAG595

The Egg-crate Grille can also be made-to-order in sizes other than the standard sizes listed.

The smallest dimensions available are: 100mm x 100mm (W x H).

The largest dimensions available are: 1200mm x 1200mm (W x H).

New stock sizes available: We can now supply Egg-crate grilles from stock sized at 1195mm x 595mm (T-Bar ceiling grid double tile replacement). Please call for information and pricing.


Egg-crate grilles are constructed entirely from aluminium including the frame and centre core. The frames are  aluminium extrusions which are mitred and welded or cleated. The Egg-crate cores are constructed from aluminium egg-crate sheet with 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 12.5mm cubic cut-outs.


  • Consistently popular choice for extract or air transfer systems
  • Handles high air volumes with minimal pressure drop and noise
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Extruded aluminium construction
  • Optional 45 degree core available to create a cost-effective grille suitable for supply purposes
  • Optional rear damper can be added to control extract volumes
  • Optional hinged or removable maintenance core available
  • Optional disposable filter media or aluminium framed washable filter available


In order to calculate the exact overall face dimensions of the grille +45mm must be added to the nominal dimensions.

Nominal Dimensions = Opening Size. This is the number shown in the part codes.

For example:

CVEG550: The nominal size is 550mm x 550mm. The overall size is 595mm x 595mm.


Standard finish for this product is RAL9010 White. Egg-crate Grilles are also available in Mill (untreated aluminium), Satin Anodised or alternative powder coated colours to suit your requirements - please call for pricing.


Download Data Sheets

Download PDF Egg Crate Grille

Download PDF Egg Crate Grille (Removable Core)

Download PDF Egg Crate Grille (Hinged) - MADE TO ORDER - Please call for pricing

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