Fixed Blade Swirls -

Series SWD Fixed Blade Swirl Diffusers have blades that are an integral, fixed part of the diffuser plate.

Much like standard ceiling diffusers, the majority of swirl diffusers are sized to fit into a standard 600mm x 600mm ceiling tile grid. The core blade area within that is also available in a variety of sizes.

Options available include plenum boxes, and single blade dampers held within the spigot for volume control.

Swirl diffusers are some of the best supply units. Able to provide a swirling, turbulent throw, resident air is quickly pulled into the moving supplied air, rapidly mixing the two.This capability makes swirl diffusers best suited to areas where a long throw is not required, but where comfort is a priority. The rapid mixing means draughts are avoided, maintaining comfort and sufficient rates of air changeover.

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