Speed Controller -

Electronic Speed Controller


  • 240v Single Phase
  • Hard or soft start
  • IP54 Rated
  • Infinately variable speed control
  • Neon ON/OFF switch
  • Available in three sizes 3amp / 6 amp / 10amp

Electronic Speed Controller offers stepless speed control, an economic method widely used for controlling commercial & industrial fans.

These controllers are unique in that hard and soft starting are built into one controller. This means an extractor fan can start at full speed and run for a short period of time. This is a significant advantage with fans used for kitchen extract or higher pressure systems were a surge can kick start air movement.

ON/OFF switch on the side of the controller lights up to indicate power is at the controller. Variable speed control is pre-set minimum to full speed and anywhere in-between.

In addition, the controller is protected to IP54 making it suitable for mounting in kitchens or where high humidity is present.

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6amp rated 240/1/50
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