Intumescent Block - Fire Doors -


CVE Shop Air Transfer Blocks provide protection against the spread of fire through walls, doors, air ducts and openings in fire-resisting constructions such as partitions and doors and have been specifically developed for installation in particularly aggressive humid environments.

The blocks are made from a rectangular extrusion of uPVC filled with an intumescent core. In the event of fire the effect of heat causes the intumescent core to expand, sealing off the duct or opening against the passage of flames and hot gases.

Correctly installed Air Transfer Blocks may be expected to last the design life of the situation in which they are to be used.

CVE Shop Air Transfer Blocks are available in grey or red as standard. 

Air Transfer Grilles are designed to fit neatly into rectangular or square ducts and openings and can be made to any required size. The standard thickness is 40mm: rectangular grilles are available as standard in sizes ranging up from 100mm square in 50mm increments on height and length up to 600mm square as a single block.

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