Swirl Diffusers (Circular and Square) -

Swirl Diffuser

An attractive ceiling tile diffuser with fixed or adjustable blades

Swirl diffusers are some of the best supply units. Able to provide a swirling, turbulent throw, resident air is quickly pulled into the moving supplied air, rapidly mixing the two.

This capability makes swirl diffusers best suited to areas where a long throw is not required, but where comfort is a priority. The rapid mixing means draughts are avoided, maintaining comfort and sufficient rates of air changeover.

CVSWDF Swirl Diffusers are available in a fixed blade version, with blades an integral, fixed part of the diffuser plate, or as an adjustable version.

CVASD Adjustable Swirl Diffusers have individually adjustable blades enabling air to swirl clockwise, anticlockwise, or straight down.


  • Extremely effective diffusion unit
  • Creates turbulent cyclone of air for rapid air mixing
  • High capacity with minimal draughts
  • Perfect in offices and other highly populated spaces
  • Sized to fit into a standard 600mm x 600mm ceiling tile grid

Constructed entirely from aluminium.

Standard Finish is White RAL9010. Call for prices and colour availability.  Polyester powder coat (PPC) or nylon coat your product to any RAL or BS colour.