Combi Flex -

Black Combi Flex

Fully flexible, high quality black flexi duct for general use in exhaust and fresh air ventilation systems.

Ultra-tough and airtight with a smooth core for low friction loss and lower operation costs.


  • Tough PVC outer cover
  • Flame resistant dry lamination adhesive resin
  • High and low pressure suitability
  • Low resistance to airflow (installed correctly)
  • High resistance to waste permeation
  • Significantly dampens mechanical vibrations
  • Operating Temperature: -30oC to +120oC

The flex is constructed with reinforced aluminium polyester and PVC, laminated construction encapsulates a high tensile steel wire helix covered with a tough PVC outer.

Fully extend ducting, then cut to exact length required using a sharp knife and pliers/wire cutters.

To fix flex to spigots/connectors we recommend the strangle banding and jubilee clip system.

All diameters listed refer to duct size.  The flex is oversized to slip over the duct.

To calculate the length of flex required please see data sheet.

Download PDF Download Data Sheet

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