Aluminium Non-Vision Grille -

Non-Vision Air Transfer Grille



  • Low cost air transfer grille offering no sight room-to-room privacy
  • Slim construction for integrating with modern door systems
  • Suitable for supply or extract purposes
  • Robust and durable - manufactured from extruded Aluminium
  • Flange screw fixing provided
  • Optional reverse flange available when mounting in doors
  • Made to Order Item - Please allow five working days

Product Overview

Non-vision style air transfer grilles are suitable for mounting in doors, partitions and walls to allow ventilation air to pass between adjacent rooms. A non-vision grille has a blade arrangement designed to block the line-of-sight whilst maintaining enough free area to provide adequate ventilation for the room occupants. An optional matching reverse flange is available to give a neat appearance on both sides of the door or partition.

Suitable for low or high level mounting requirements.

Fixings are via countersunk screw holes in the border. Free area approx 40%.

The smallest dimensions available are: 100mm x 100mm (W x H).

The largest dimensions available are: 2900mm x 2900mm (W x H).


Non-vision grilles are typically used for air transfer in:

  • Bathrooms
  • GP's Surgeries
  • Hospitals
  • Conference Rooms
  • Dentist Surgeries
  • Fire Doors (with intumescent block)
  • Plant Room Doors

All prices include VAT (where applicable)

CVNVG - Construction

Frames are held together using punched in steel corners.

Manufactured from extruded aluminium alloy sections. Core is held in place by frame design.

CVNVG - Sizing

In order to calculate the exact overall face dimensions of the grille +54mm must be added to the nominal dimensions.

Nominal Dimensions = Opening Size

This is the number shown in the part codes e.g. CVNVG-500

For example: CVNVG-500

The nominal opening size is:           500mm x 500mm.

The overall size including frame is:  554mm x 554mm.

non vision grille 2018

CVNVG - Finish

Standard: Standard finish for this product is Anodised Aluminium.

Non-vision grilles are also available in:

  • Hand Polished Finish
  • Mill Finish
  • BS/RAL/Other powder coated colours - please call for pricing.

Mill Finish: Please note that 'mill finish' means untreated aluminium and is useful if you wish to provide your own finish. A 'mill finish grille' may naturally have light scrapes and abrasions from the manufacturing process. We can polish the scratches out if no finish is to be applied. This finish is referred to as "polished aluminium".

Note: Painted grilles will be supplied with matching painted screws.

CVNVG - Accessories

Reverse Flange – To neaten the appearance of the reverse opening (CVNVG/F)

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