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Ceiling Valve - CVRD
Plastic Ceiling Valve 

A fully adjustable round ceiling diffuser


Sometimes called ceiling valves, Our CVRD range is best used to spread air around the room without creating obvious draught patterns.

Perfect for Toilets and Washrooms, It is incrementally adjustable for airflow from fully closed. Extremely easy to install and does not require a hose clip connector to attach the flex.

  • Easy one touch adjustment for air flow control
  • Tough, high impact ABS
  • Large mounting flange for ease of installation
  • Easy fitment with 4no snap clip fixings
  • Removable inserts for cleaning
  • Connects straight to flex/solid duct
  • Suitable for wet areas  
  • Easy to clean and non reflective
  • Comes with cut out template

Manufactured from high impact ABS for long term strength and rigidity. It is fully adjustable by rotating the centre cone from total shut off to fully open.

The standard colour is off white, the outer surface is lightly etched to reduce reflection and fit unobtrusively with most decors.

It allows for smooth quiet airflow that flows out in a concentric pattern across the ceiling to provide good coverage in both cooling and most heating applications.

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