Aluminium Fixed Blade Grille -

Fixed Blade Deflection Grille - F45



  • All-purpose grille for extract or air transfer systems
  • Handles high air volumes with minimal pressure drop and noise
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Extruded aluminium construction
  • Optional 15° or 0° degree core available
  • Optional rear damper can be added to control air volumes
  • Optional hinged or removable maintenance core available

Product Overview

Fixed blade grilles are very similar to single deflection grilles except the blades are permanently fixed at either 0°, 15° or 45°. If a 0° straight blade is required then please check out our range of CVE Shop Linear Bar Grilles.

With a high free area and aerodynamic blades the Fixed Blade Grille is a superb exhaust or supply air unit with minimal noise generation and pressure drops.

If you do not need to adjust the direction of throw, a fixed blade grille will often give a neater appearance than single deflections since the blades cannot be set at different angles to each other.

Fixed Blade Grilles with removable or hinged maintenance cores are made to order. Please call for information and pricing.

The Fixed Blade Deflection Grille can also be made-to-order in sizes other than the standard sizes listed.

The smallest dimensions available are: 100mm x 100mm (W x H).

The largest dimensions available are: 2900mm x 2900mm (W x H).

For blade lengths above 550mm mullions will be used.


Supply Air: Perfect for areas that require permanent supply air feeds or where the incoming supply air direction will never change. For the most part Fixed Blade Grilles are similar to Single Deflection Grilles and so they have similar uses. Best suited for positioning in ceilings, walls or ductwork.

Exhaust Air: Also suitable for extract applications, blades fixed at 45 degrees will provide the greatest free area.


A single row of blades is used, which incorporate special protrusions on the blade ends. These protrusions fit into punched holes within the outer frame. Blades are positioned at 45° as standard.


In order to calculate the exact overall face dimensions of the grille +45mm must be added to the nominal dimensions.

Nominal Dimensions = Opening Size.

This is the number shown in the part codes e.g. CVFB500

For example:

CVFB500: The nominal opening size is 500mm x 500mm. The overall size including frame is 545mm x 545mm.

Actual Neck Size: For clearance within the aperture a standard tolerance of -15mm (7.5mm each side) is deducted from the nominal opening size.

For example:

CVFB500The nominal opening size is 500mm x 500mm. The actual neck size is 485mm x 485mm.


Standard finish for this product is Mill Aluminium.

Fixed Blade Grilles are also available in:

  • Natural Anodised
  • BS/RAL powder coated colours - please call for pricing

Mill Finish: Please note that 'mill finish' means untreated aluminium and is useful if you wish to provide your own finish. A 'mill finish grille' may naturally have light scrapes and abrasions from the manufacturing process. We can polish the scratches out if no finish is to be applied. This finish is referred to as "polished aluminium".


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